Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Ain's E-DAY

halloooooo..... nak share, geng M.I.E.N.A.H just had their gathering on Ain's e-day... unfortunately, Hajar and Nurul couldn't make it together with us.

last few years, CikMira shared all the moments we had for Izzati's wedding day. Soooo, as a adil and saksama BFF i had to make some 'notes' for our beloved Ain. ::bride-to-be please acknowledge this hokayyy,ahakzzz:P

here some pictures for the ceremony, just enjoy peepss..😝

sorry Ain, I cant write more in this page at the moment. I'll try later... fuhhhhh😥😥

cant wait for this August for more excitement.... wish me too for my jodoh,marathon masuk meminang...hoho

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