Saturday, 23 March 2013

i got the 2nd piece.. ko hado?

i have 2.... why i do have 2? hehe





the old one brokenheart into 2 pcs... wonder how it could happened right? ..haha.. i just removed my matric card from the hard@original@blue casing (the one that UNIMAS gave us during our first semester.. ) at CAIS.. if my mom sees this, she will just geleng kepala and said "ganeh ehh anak dagho den ni".. /please

-malu jugak masa nak renew kat unit keselamatan tu....

and ofcourse UNIMAS did cost me on that...huhu.. RM20 just flew away from my pockets... just tot that "mahal jugak" and maybe i just cost less than that... consider that as sedekah je la kat UNIMAS ni... ado den kesah???

for the first few days after i got the new card, jaga bagai nak rak konon (i paid it using my OWN money okay, not PTPTN on that time!)... takut calar!! but now just main campak-campak je..hehe

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